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Starting Date May 7 (based on enrollment)
Deadline for registration April 30th

Enroll for the spring session of our STAR Focused 2 Sleep Technologist Program

Program registration is $2000 USD with grant discount ($2500 USD regular price)


The program consists of 80+ hours of combined virtual lectures, virtual demonstrations, and in-lab training. Instruction is a combination of didactic lectures, and hands-on application in the clinical environment. The program will introduce the student to the principles of Polysomnography, Sleep Disorders, Diagnosis and Therapies.

Both didactic theory and clinical application offered in the program will provide an avenue to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in the expanding discipline of polysomnography.

Tranq Sleep Institute's overall goal is to provide out students with the most up-to-date curriculum to earn credit towards receiving their CPSGT and RPSGT credential. Tranq Sleep Institute envisions creating the best educational content that will pave the way for our students to become the next generation of leaders in the field of sleep technology.

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Our program has been designed for current clinical practitioners and aspiring students who are interested in specializing in sleep disorders studies.

Allied Health or a minimum of Grade 12 is Required. Health care experience is an asset.


The cost of the program is $2500 USD. Some students may qualify for a $500 dollar grant which will be discounted at registration. Please contact us for more information regarding this grant. Price includes access to all materials, videos and supporting documents, access to live lectures, webinars from top specialists in the field of sleep medicine and support from our faculty.


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine identified three reasons that there will be more demand for polysomnography jobs in the future: public awareness of the health effects of limited sleep; increased number of aging baby boomers facing sleep disorders. Together, combined with sleep disorder awareness, an aging population and the therapeutic benefits will require polysomnography jobs to meet the growing demand.


A detailed course outline of our course can be found here