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The rising need for polysomnography (sleep studies) in the healthcare sector has led to a surge in the demand for skilled polysomnography technicians. This field presents an exciting career choice, with abundant employment opportunities emerging across the healthcare industry.

At Tranq Sleep Institute, we have meticulously crafted programs to cater to current clinical practitioners and aspiring students who wish to specialize in sleep disorder studies.

Our offerings include two comprehensive programs: the Focused 2 and the Self-Study programs:


The program comprises 80 hours of both lectures and in-class practice, aimed at introducing students to the principles of Polysomnography, Sleep Disorders, Diagnosis, and Therapies.

Our primary objective is to offer our students the most current curriculum, enabling them to earn credit toward obtaining their CPSGT and RPSGT credentials. At Tranq Sleep Institute, we aspire to create top-notch educational content that will shape our students into future leaders in the field of sleep technology.

We are offering an in-person 8-day  Sleep Technologist Program in Calgary, starting in the third week of September from the 16th to the 25th,  2024.  

The program will run Monday to Friday, with the weekend off, and then resume for three additional days from Monday to Wednesday. It will provide eight days of in-class education with hands-on practice, covering the requirements of the Focused 2 Program as mandated by the Board of Registered Polysomnographers (BRPT).

For the program to proceed, we need to have enough students enrolled.

To RESERVE YOUR SPOT and join the waitlist for this program,  
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The program comprises 20 thoughtfully curated Modules, aiming to acquaint the student with the Sleep Specialty and the Role of the Sleep Technologist. Our primary objective is to offer an easily accessible and convenient program, allowing students to self-direct their learning, progress at their preferred pace, and achieve the learning objectives successfully. To achieve this, the Self Study program is structured into distinct steps, each focusing on a specific concept.

The Self-Study program is available at any time, and registration is open for enrollment at your convenience.

How to Become a CPSGT

Our programs are STAR Designated under the Board of Polysomnographic Technologist BRPT
In order to be eligible to apply for the CPSGT exam, graduates need to complete both programs:

1. The 80+ hour Focused 2 Program
2. The Self-Study Program

CPSGT Eligibility Pathways:

For more information on the specific pathway please refer to the BRPT website directly at